1950s Vintage Advertising Birds Eye Fruit Juice Pictured on Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet features 1950s Birds Eye vegetables advertisement
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Birds Eye promotional crafts doll 1950s


Refridgerator magnet pictures an advertisement from 1952 promoting Birds Eye fruit juice.  The ad features a special offer for a childrens sewing craft project, a cloth doll, available for a quarter and a juice can top.  A choice of three 11-inch fabric dolls were offered: Merry, Mike or Minx.  A can of Birds Eye orange juice was pictured, along with a cute illustration of the dolls. 

The kits included only the imprinted fabric.  Enclosed instructions specified heavy-duty thread, embroidery floss (for the names), cotton wadding for stuffing and 24 inches of ribbon.

In the U.S., as part of General Foods, Birds Eye was acquired by Pinnacle Foods in 2009.  Pinnacle also owns Campbell Soup, Swanson TV Dinners and Vlasic Pickles.  The Birds Eye stable today consists of forty vegetable entries.

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