Charles V Holy Roman Emperor Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures emperor Charles V Holy Roman Empire
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Emperor Charles V (1500-1558) ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 to 1556 and was also ruler of Castile/Aragon/Spain, Valois, Burgundy, Austria and colonies in the America's and Philippines. He was the nephew of Catherine of Aragon, wife of English king Henry VIII. In 1527 during one of the four wars with France, Charles imprisoned Pope Clement VII (the Pope who crowned him Emperor), making it unlikely Henry's marriage to Catherine would ever be annulled. Later, Charles' son Philip married Henry's oldest daughter, Mary.

Charles must have been a serious Type A personality. He had only one wife, a 1st cousin, but multiple mistresses and spoke multiple languages. He bested France on multiple occasions and brought down multiple empires (the Aztec and Incas). And as if all that wasn't enough, he imagined that becoming leader of the Christian world was his divine mission.  Seriously don't know how people reach such conclusions.  Most days I'm lucky to feel like the leader of my dog.

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