California Photographer History Magnet 1883 Isaiah Taber

Fridge magnet pictures advertising postcard for 1880s photographer
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     This magnet pictures an 1883 advertising postcard promoting Isaiah West Taber's Photographic Parlor of San Francisco.  Taber (1830-1912) must have been an interesting fellow.  He went to California in 1850 at age 15 to work on whaling boats.  The sea life didn't suit so he tried his hand at gold mining, taking time out to render pen and ink drawings.  That wasn't the right match so he went back to his home in Massachusetts and became a dentist.  Gold and teeth, makes sense, sorta.  Still not his niche, he opened a photography studio in Syracuse, NY.  Liking photography better than teeth, and his recollection of California better than New York, in 1864 he moved to California and went to work for a photography studio in San Francisco.

    By 1871 he'd opened his own photography studio on which he built a successful business.  In 1893 California awarded him a photographic concession at San Francisco's Midwinter Fair and in 1897 he was sent to London to photograph Queen Victoria's Jubilee birthday celebration and commissioned to photograph King Edward VII.

    In addition to portraits, Taber produced stereo cards and in 1875 introduced the Promenade Card, a 3.75"x7" panoramic print.  Best known for California scenery, Taber also published the work of other photographers, sold photographic supplies and eventually established satellite studios in Europe.

    Today his drawings and photos are exhibited in museums and galleries.

    Sadly, most of Taber's collection of glass negatives was lost in the fires that followed the 1906 earthquake.

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