1921 Dutch Cleanser Soap Advertising Pictured on Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Dutch Cleanser
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Magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for Dutch Cleanser cleaning soap that appeared in a 1921 magazine.  The product was patented in 1906 by a Wisconsin meat packer, Cudahy Packing Company but was offered for sale in Wisconsin newspapers as early as 1891: 2 cans for 15 cents.  The familiar logo of a Dutch lady doing battle with soil appeared in a 1904 newspaper.  For several decades it was one of the best selling cleansers on the market.  Alas, the move from porcelain to plastic sinks and tubs was a tsunami for pumice-based cleansers.  For old timers like myself, however, they remain a must have for various cleaning tasks.   Dutch Cleanser has had a few owners over the years but is still on the market.  The brand is owned by Dial and can be found online at Amazon and at discount outlets such as Big Lots and Dollar stores.  For a couple decades the pumice material came from a mine in the Mojave Desert.

Though Cudahy was moved to Chicago in the 1870s, it returned to Wisconsin in the early 1900s but built a Dutch Cleanser manufacturing facility in East Chicago, completed in 1910.

1904 newspaper advertisement for Dutch Cleanser

1911 ad includes Polly Pan


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