1947 Parker Pen 51 Christmas Advertisement Pictured on Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures a 1947 Christmas advertisement for Park Pen model 51
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1947 Christmas advertisement for Parker Pen's famous model "51", then a seven year old market power house.  Wikipedia tells me that over $400 million dollars worth of the "51" sold during its 30-year history (1941-1971).  The Parker Pen company celebrated its fifty first anniversary in 1939, when the pen was patented, thus the name "51".  For a time in the 1990s Parker was owned by Gillette, the razor people.  Today it is owned by Newell Rubbermaid.  The Parker website is beautifully designed and offers a nice company history. 

In today's digital world, writing instruments are certainly used less frequently, and may even seem boring because they don't blink or spell check.  For yours truly, however, that reduced frequency has made me fussier about pen selection.  If you're looking for a unique gift,  a deluxe pen might be just the ticket.

I took a look at Newell Rubbermaid products and discovered that our household could do testimonials on products from five of their divisions.  Totally makes sense that Rubbermaid tubs, Sharpie pens and Dymo printers are congregated under the same corporate roof; all three are wonderfully reliable products that give huuuge value for the money. 

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