Vintage 1947 Gillette Razor Advertisement Pictured on Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures vintage 1947 Gilette razor advertising
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage 1947 advertisement for Gillette straight razors, featuring the twist-to-open gold plated Milord and Aristocrat models that had been introduced in 1934.  Gillette was founded in 1901.  In 2005 it merged with Proctor & Gamble of Boston, along with Gillette subsidiaries Braun, Duracell and Oral-B.  Gillette's disposable double-edged razor blade was introduced in 1903.

Note: Ad components are rearranged and text edited slightly, while retaining original context and message, to improve legibility when advertisement is reduced to magnet size.  Otherwise, 10-pt text in the original ad would be reduced to 2-3 pt. text and require a magnifier.

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