Gruen Ladies Wrist Watch Fridge Magnet Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Gruen diamond watches
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for Gruen Watches.  The Gruen Watch Company operated out of Cincinnati, OH from 1894 to 1958 when the Gruen family sold its interests and the watch portion of the business was moved to New York with manufacturing done in Switzerland.  This November 1959 advertisement appeared after the move to New York.  Models highlighted in the ad:

Ad text:

No matter what the occasion – birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding,
Christmas, your Gruen demonstrates your devotion in the loveliest way imaginable.
Gruen Royal Gems are truly Swiss masterpieces of Precision watchmaking art at its highest,
the jeweler’s craft at its most exquisite.  It will come as a surprise, perhaps, that a new
Gruen Royal Gems can be had for as little as $39.75.  Others, depending upon design and
diamond complex, range up to $2500.  Your authorized Gruen jeweler will be pleased
to show you the entire range of Royal Gems and the Executive Series for men.
Give a Gruen, the quality watch that tells so much more than time.
Fine Gruen Americana watches begin at an amazing $19.95.

All Royal Gems have 17 jewel Gruen
Precision Movements...are non-magnetic
with unbreakable mainsprings.  Prices
include federal tax.

VALENCIA 18 kt. gold case and mesh bracelet set with 8 firey diamonds and 8 glowing sapphires $800.00 (blue triangle 12 oclock)

BROCADE fULL 3/4 ct. of diamonds in 14 kt. gold.  Beautifully textured dial  $600.00 (green griangle 1 oclock)

COLEEN Luxurious 4 diamonds, engraved expansion bracelet.  white or natural gold color $59.50 (coral triangle 2 oclock)

VIRGINIA  14 kt. gold case with matching expansion bracelet $79.50 (green triangle 3:30 oclock)

SHALIMAR Exquisite creation with 1 full ct. of precious diamonds in a 14 kt. gold case $700.00 (mustard triangle 5 oclock)

ANTIGUA  Exciting fasion symbol, 14 kt. gold in new florentine finish, with unusal gold leaf cover  $375.00 (pink triangle 5:30 oclock)

CASSANDRA 2 matched diamonds 14 kt. gold bracelet and case.  Florentine finish $495.00 (aqua triangle 6:30 oclock)

DUCHESS Unique fluting in a 14 kt. gold case $125.00 (orange triangle 7 oclock)

BALLET Full 1/4 ct. of diamonds set in a gold filled case $200 (green triangle 9 oclock)

JULIAN Full, rich 1/2 ct. of diamonds, set in a dainty 14 kt. gold case $375.00 (light green triangle 10 oclock)

JULIETTE 10 matched diamonds, engraved expansion bracelet, rolled gold plate case, white or natural gold color $100.00 (pink triangle 11 oclock)

GAIETY Dainty style aglow with 2 sparkling diamons.  White or natural gold color $39.75 (in the "luxurious gift case" at bottom, separate from wheel)

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