Moore Portable Corn Mill & Steam Engine Advertisement Pictured on Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures 19th century advertising for corn mills and steam engines
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This magnet pictures a 1881 lithographed pamphlet trade card advertising Moores portable corn mills, a product of the North Carolina Mill Stone Co., powered by a T.M. Co. steam engine.  T.M. was located in Westminster, Maryland.

The North Carolina Mill Stone company was located in Parkewood, a company town in Moore County, NC that no longer exists.  For a short time in the 1880s-90s, NC Mill was very successful with its portable corn mills and quarried millstones.  When the company failed, so did the town. It was located just off SH22 near Carthage.

The T.M. Co. steam engine is a product of the Taylor Manufacturing Company that built vertical and horizontal portable and stationary steam engines in Westminster, MD until the early 1880s when it moved to Chambersburg, MD.

The North Carolina Mill Stone company was founded by the president of Taylor Manufacturing Company, James Edwin Taylor, and his brother, George.  James married a Westminster girl named Josephine Parke, thus explaining the distinctive spelling of Parkewood.  Taylor Manufacturing went bankrupt in 1891, and the North Carolina Mill Stone company followed in 1895.

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