Fridge Magnet Vintage 1884 Moline Plow Flying Dutchman Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Flying Dutchman plows from Moline Plow Company
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This 1884 advertisement promoted the Flying Dutchman walking plow manufactured by the Moline Plow Company.

Founded in 1865, Moline Plow purchased the Flying Dutchman plow line the same year this advertisement was published.  From the ad:

Walker on Wheels.
Wheel Walking Plow
Its Superiority Covers the following Points of Excellence:
It is Perfectly Balanced on the Wheels, affording perfect support to the plow, and avoids dragging at the corners.
It can be Leveled Instantly, while team is in motion, preventing landside and bottom friction, and insuring light draft.
It will Turn a Square Corner, when in or out of the ground, on account of the wheels being maintained in a natural position.
The Land Axle has a Spring Connecting it with leveling power, which prevents plow from being too rigid, and insures an even depth of furrow when passing over dead furrows, corn rows, or uneven ground.
On Account of the Perfect “Balance” of the plow on the wheels, a boy that can drive can handle the plow with ease.
It can be Carried Conveniently on the wheels for transportation from field to field or on the road.
The Team is Hitched and plow landed in the ordinary way.
It is so Constructed that it can be instantly forced into the ground, and has sufficient suction to hold it down to its work in the hardest ground.
These qualities make it a great favorite for all plowing.
For prices, terms and agency, address the manufacturers,
MOLINE PLOW COMPANY, Moline, Illinois.

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