Refrigerator magnets picturing vintage advertising for health products and services.

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Fridge magnet picturesa 1919 advertisement for a brace to reshape your nose
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1919 advertisement for the Trilety nose shaping brace.  Ad expla..
Fridge magnet pictures 1946 advertisement for Alka-Seltzer
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1946 advertisement for Alka-Seltzer, promoting its benefits for cold ..
Fridge magnet pictures Keeley Institute booklet cover promoting early addictions treatment
Refrigerator magnet pictures the cover from a 1920s advertising pamphlet (that doubled as a sewing n..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage fig syrup laxative advertisement
Magnet pictures a Victorian advertisement for the California Fig Syrup Co. of San Francisco.  A..
Fridge magnet pictures a vintage dental health stamp
Refrigerator magnet features smiling playful children, paying tribute to the American Dental Associa..
Fridge magnet pictures little girl in hunt clothes with fox hounds.
This fridge magnet pictures an early 1900s advertising trade card for Hood's Sarsaparilla tonic, fea..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Jests antacid tablets
Magnet pictures a 1940s advertisement for Jests Antacid tablets.  This shortlived product appea..
Refrigerator magnet man counting sheep trying to sleep
Refrigerator magnet pictures a man counting sleep while trying to sleep. ..
Fridge magnet pictures early 1900s health tonic advertisement
Refrigerator magnets picturing a vintage advertisement for Horsfords Phosphate tonic. ..
Fridge magnet pictures a vintage Polaroid sunglasses advertisement
Refrigerator magnet features a 1953 advertisement for Polaroid sunglasses.  The woman wears the..
Magnet pictures vintage parkers tonic advertisement dog waking sleeping child
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Parker's Tonic showing dog waking sleeping ch..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage syphilis poster
Magnet pictures a 1930s Syphilis public awareness poster. ..
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