Vintage 1950s Excello Lawn Mower Advertisement Magnet

Magnet picture 1950s vintage advertisement for Excello lawn mowers
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Magnet pictures a mid century advertisement for Excello lawn mowers featuring the 21 inch rotary self-propelled Meadow Brook 700. The Meadow Brook was equipped with a 2.75 HP 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton engine.  The manufacturer touted blade that lifted the grass, cut it cleanly, pulverized the clippings into fine mulch then sprayed it out through a conical chute that left the lawn as smooth as a putting green with no pushing, just walking and guiding, while the neighbors drooled to own one.  Wow.  The mower employed dual front wheel drive that let it turn without disengaging the clutch.  There was a diamond chain twin sprocket drive, oil-bath transmission with steel shafts and bronze bearings and a positive action clutch. All of it perfectly balanced.  Wow wow.

Excello mowers were produced by farm implement manufacturer, Heineke Corporation of Springfield, IL  Heineke was founded in 1902 by Martin L. Heineke and carried on by his son, Henry L. Heineke (1905-1976).  The company turned from farm equipment to lawn mowers in 1922.   By 1949 Heineke was the country's second largest mower producer and employed 200 workers.




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