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Magnets picture photos of a Marion Steam Shovel brochure c. 1907.
When the brochure was published the Marion Steam Shovel Company employed 1,600 workers at its 25-acre facility, with monthly payroll at $75,000. All its buildings were equipped with electric lighting and steam heated. Two of the founders, Henry Barnhart & Edward Huber, were deceased. The third, George King, was president, and Huber & Barnhart's sons were involved in managing the company. Most of the company stock was owned by citizens of Marion, Ohio and the company was credited with much of the city's industrial growth.
40 machines a month were produced, and annual sales were $3 million. An estimated 150 Marion steam shovels were at work in brickyards. Large shovels sold for around $15,000, dredges for $3,500-$30,000, and continuous bucket or elevator machinery for up to $300,000.

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