Fridge Magnet Vintage Moline, IL Milling Equipment Mfr Barnard & Leas

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement Moline Illinois industry
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This fridge magnet pictures an 1884 advertisement for Barnard & Leas Manufacturing Company's grain milling equipment, including purifiers, wheat cleaners, bran scourers, centrifugal reels, scalpers and roller mills.  Barnard & Leas, also known as B&L Co., was based in Moline, Illinois.  The name Moline translates to moulin in French and means "city of mills."  The John Deere plow company was also founded in Moline.

The firm was founded in 1860 by John Woodward to manufacture smut machines.  (A smut machine employed rapidly rotating brushes, surrounded by a perforated cylinder, to remove smut fungus from wheat.) 

Vermont native Herman Allen Barnard (1826-1906), a millwright and chair maker, soon replaced Woodward as the firm's driving force for engineering and production.  Barnard improved the smut machine, patenting his improvements, expanded production and introduced the Barnard dustless wheat separator.  Barnard was joined by J. Silas Leas in 1867 to handle sales and W. C. Bennett in 1872 to oversee finances.

1882 B&L Flour Packer


Separators and smut machines were followed by corn shelling & cleaning equipment, flour packers, etc.  Barnard & Leas products quickly earned a solid footing with milling operators around the world.  By 1889 the company employed 350 workers in its 3-story 67,000 sq. ft. facility.

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