Fridge Magnet 1880s California Hotel Del Monte Monterey

Fridge magnet pictures 1880s California Hotel Monterey Peninsula
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Magnet pictures an old postcard featuring the 400-room Hotel Del Monte completed in 1880 on 100 acres of California's Monterey Peninsula, the forerunner to today's Pebble Beach resort.  Built at a cost of $1 million in a mere 100 days by Southern Pacific railroad tycoon Charles Crocker, the hotel was the first resort complex in the U.S.  President Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemmingway were among it's many celebrity guests.  Requisitioned by the government during WWII, it is now the central building in the Naval Postgraduate School. 

Fire destroyed the hotel twice, in 1887 and again in 1924, and both times it was rebuilt.  It was also restored after severe damage from the 1906 earthquake.  This image represents the hotel prior to 1924, with Gothic styling.  Not in evidence are the facility's four 36'x50' salt water bathing pools, kept at 70 degrees.  Rooms were $3.50 per night, $4 with a bathroom, and every room had a service bell, connected to the front desk.

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