Refrigerator magnets picturing advertising for office supplies, including pens, pencils, inkwells, rulers, etc.

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Fridge magnet pictures 1944 WWII Quink ink advertisement
Refrigerator magnet pictures a modified* 1944 advertisement for Parker's famous Quink ink for founta..
Fridge magnet pictures a 1947 Christmas advertisement for Park Pen model 51
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1947 Christmas advertisement for Parker Pen's famous model "51", then..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage 1948 Smith-Corona typewriter
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage 1948 Smith-Corona typewriter advertisement.  The magnet ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for telegrams and Ten Commandments film
This magnet pictures a November, 1956 advertisement for Western Union telegrams featuring Cecil B. D..
Fridge magnet pictures an antique Eversharp pen advertising blotter
Refrigerator magnet pictures a trade advertising blotter for a jade green Wahl-Eversharp Tempoint fo..
Fridge magnet pictures woman at desk
Refrigerator magnet pictures Victorian era woman at desk. ..
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