Refrigerator magnets picturing advertisements for cigars, cigarettes, pipes and snuff.

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Magnet pictures 4 celebrities endorsing Chesterfield cigarettes at Christmastime
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1950s Christmas advertisement for Chesterfield cigarettes, endorsed b..
Fridge magnet pictures boy smoking snuff 1800s advertisement
Refrigerator magnets picturing snuff smoking boy in late 1800s advertisement for New Jersey-made Hel..
Fridge magnet pictures humorous illustration of difference between male and female perspective
Refrigerator magnet pictures humorous take on difference between man's and woman's perspective. ..
Fridge magnet pictures little girl advertising Katies Tobacco
Refrigerator magnets picturing advertisement from late 1800s promoting Katies Chewing Tobacco, made ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Duke of York cigarette advertisement
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Duke of York cigarettes. ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage cigarette advertisement with mother and baby bullogs
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage cigarette advertisement featuring a mother and baby bulldog. ..
Fridge magnet pictures
Refrigerator magnets picturing vintage advertising for Nosegay Snuff by Williams. ..
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