Recreational Products


Fridge magnets featuring vintage advertising for products and services devoted to recreation, including RV's, boats, camping gear, bowling, etc.

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Fridge magnet pictures vintage Christmas advertisement for bikes and pedal cars
Magnet pictures 1950s Christmas advertisement for Roadmaster and BMC pedal car and tractor. ..
Fridge magnet vintage childrens bicycle advertising
Magnet pictures a Junior Velocipedes advertisement from the 1950s with with children riding AMF Juni..
Fridge magnet 1950s vintage Schwinn Corvette bicycle advertising
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1957 advertisement for the Schwinn Corvette 3-speed bicycle, featurin..
Fridge magnet pictures Sears Spyder 500 bicycle advertisement
Magnet pictures a 1970 advertisement for Sears Spyder 500 bicycle.  To fit a full page ad into ..
Fridge magnet pictures AMF Roadmaster bicycle
Magnet pictures a 1950s advertisement for AMF Roadmaster bicycles from Christmas in 1953 with an exc..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for OMC boat motor
Magnet pictures a 1950s advertisement for an OMC Outboard Marine Corporation boat motor, the Gale Bu..
Fridge magnets picture vintage illustrations of 1930s deep sea diving equipment
Set of three magnets picture images and text from a series of 1930s cigarette cards highlighting a d..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage 1954 advertisement for Johnson outboard engine
Magnet pictures a 1954 advertisement for Johnson outboard engines, specifically the Sea-Horse models..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage painting of an unhappy girl in hammock
Magnet pictures a painting of a Victorian era girl in a hammock.  She looks to be ten to twelve..
Fridge magnets picture our different 1958 Mercury outboard engines
Magnets picture four different Mercury outboard engines, models Mark 10, Mark 28,..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage illustration of children roller skating
Three young sisters try out roller skates for the first time. ..
Fridge magnet pictures antique advertisement for Tasker roller skates
This large-sized magnet pictures an 1884 advertisement for Tasker roller skates manufactured by the ..
Fridge magnet vintage soap box derby vintage promotional poster
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage advertising poster for a soap box derby race. ..
Fridge magnet vintage 1910 Excelsior Auto Cycle Motor Bike Advertising
This magnet pictures an advertisement for the 1910 Excelsior Auto-Cycle.  The Excelsior company..
Fridge magnet vintage Whizzer motor bike
Magnet pictures a 1948 advertisement for the model J Whizzer motor bike.  According to the hist..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage recreational vehicle advertisement
In 1929 bacteriologist Arthur G. Sherman's family vacation was not enhanced by their leaking tent tr..
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