Refrigerator magnets picturing people and scenes from television history.

See fridge magnets featuring vintage televisions.

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Fridge magnet pictures vintage Hopalong Cassidy radio advertising from 1950
This oversized fridge magnet (3" x 7.5") pictures a vintage 1950 two-color advertisement for a Hopal..
Fridge magnet pictures 1950 advertisement for Pabst beer featuring bowling radio stars
A 1950 Pabst beer Advertisement is pictured on this magnet.  The ad featured radio stars Harry ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Motorola television advertising
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1950 advertisement for Model 16K Motorola televisions, featuring a li..
Fridge magnet pictures Andy Griffith family of Mayberry
The Andy Griffith show debuted in the fall of 1960 and ran until the spring of 1968.  Refuns ar..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Bonanza TV western advertisement
As the 50s came to an end, with the upheaval of Viet Nam on the horizon, the Cartwrights were our tr..
Fridge magnet pictures Captain Kangaroo and Bunny Rabbit of childrens TV history
From 1955 to 1984 Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose and Grandfather Clock e..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for the Cisco Kid TV program
  The original Kid was created by O. Henry in the early 1900s and was ..
Fridge magnet pictures Edward R. Murrow
Refrigerator magnet features an illustration from a 1953 coffee advertisement picturing journalist E..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Davy Crockett television program
Even little girls had coonskin caps in the 50s, leastwise I did.  And the Born..
Fridge magnet pictures film actress Estelle Winwood
Magnet pictures London-turned-American actress, Estelle Winwood.   Born in the UK, Winwood..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertising for 1950s Fury the horse television
  For children in the 1950s, television western characters were ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage television western promotion Have Gun Will Travel
 For children in the 1950s, television wild west characters were as important ..
Fridge magnet features Howdy Doody of 1950s childrens television
Magnet pictures Howdy Doody, a 1950s children's show marionette star.  Howdy was a cowboy who ..
Fridge magnet pictures Lucy, Ricky Ricardo and Fred and Ethel Mertz
Refrigerator magnet pictures some of the world's best known friends: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Fred..
Fridge magnet pictures film actor Jackie Coogan
Refrigerator magnets picturing child actor Jackie Coogan. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Mighty Mouse
This large-sized hand crafted magnet pictures Mighty Mouse, coming to save the day.  ..
Fridge magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for the 1950s Ozzie and Harriet TV show
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet ran on ABC from 1952 to 1966.  It was a sitcom based on a r..
Fridge magnet paint by number kits Ozzie and Harriet
Magnet pictures a fun 1953 advertisement for Picture Craft paint-by-number oil pain..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Rawhide TV advertisement
  Rawhide, staring a young Clint Eastwood, came late into the TV weste..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Rice Krispies and Howdy Doody advertisement
This refrigerator magnet pictures a 1952 advertisement from Kelloggs, promoting Rice Krispies cereal..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage tv western Rifleman series stars
From 1958 to 1963 Chuck Conner and Johnny Crawford portrayed Lucas and Mark McCain,..
Refrigerator magnet pictures German Shepherd celebrity dog Tin Tin Tin.
As super stars,  continual feats of courage and intellect were required of  Rin Tin Tin, L..
4 Fridge magnets picture 1950s Vintage Motorola and RCA television advertisements
Set of four fridge magnets, each picturing a vintage television advertisement.  Two from Motoro..
Fridge magnet pictures Topo Gigio mouse at Christmas
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage television star, Topo Gigio. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Bat Masterson TV western Gene Barry magnet
Bat Masterson (1853-1921) hunted buffalo, was an Army scout, frontier lawman, gambl..
Fridge magnet pictures Maverick TV western
Magnet features two stars from the popular TV western, Maverick that ran from 1957 to 1962: James Ga..
Fridge magnet pictures Johnny Yuma as The Rebel from 1960s television
The Johnny Yuma Rebel TV series came along in the mid 1960s, when interest in weste..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Wagon Train western TV program
From 1957 to 1965, through 284 episodes, Major Seth Adams and Flint McCullough led wagon trains in t..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for 1950s Zorro TV program
For children in the 1950s, television was dominated by heroes of a classical style...
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