1915 Pan American Exposition History Magnet Horticulture Palace

Fridge magnet pictures 1915 San Francisco Worlds Fair
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This large-sized magnet pictures the Horticulture Palace at the 1915 Pan American International Exposition world's fair in San Francisco, California. Constructed on 635 acres of shoreline, the fair was San Francisco's way of boasting about its recovery from the 1906 earthquake.  (As Chicago's Columbian Exposition celebrated that city's recovery from the 1871 Chicago fire.)

The glittering glass dome dominated the fair skyline and due to its size would have been one of the first sights upon approaching the fair from a distance.  Visitors entering at Chestnut street must have looked west and thought, "Ah, there it is."  Designed by Bakewell & Brown, the French Byzantine style was fashioned after sultan Ahmed I's mosque in Constantinople.  The tulips seen in the foreground of this photo were part of 53,000 square feet of bulbs provided by the Netherlands.

Today's Wonderment, Wikipedia, shares some fun facts about the exposition.  A telephone connection was made so that people in New York could hear the pacific ocean.  And the Liberty Bell was trundled to the fair via railway for its last nationwide tour.

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