Russian World War II Fridge Magnet Nevsky Medal

Fridge magnet pictures World War II Russian Medal
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Magnet pictures a WWII Russian military medal from the Order of Alexander Nevsky (Orden Aleksandra Nevskogo).

According to Wikipedia, the Order of Alexander Nevsky was established in 1725, abolished in 1917 and reestablished in 1942.  It was Peter the Great's idea, intended as a military merit honor, but Peter died before it was awarded to anyone.  After his death, his widow, Catherine I, established the order and the medal was awarded to civilians as well as military personnel.

During WWII the medal was awarded to 42,007 division, brigade, regiment, battalion, company, and platoon commanders for personal and skillful command of their units in action.  It was worn on the right side of the chest.  Since WWII an additional 149 medals have been awarded, the last in 1991.

Alexander Yaroslavich (c.1220-1263) became The Grand Prince after victories over the Swedes, Lithuanians and Teutonic Knights, and establishing diplomatic relations with the Mongolian overlords.

Nevsky's helmeted military profile surrounded by axes, laurel branches, hammer and sickle.  Several versions were struck.  This is a Type 3 with a 3xxxx serial number, had a straight mintmark and was probably issued in 1944. 

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