Fridge Magnet 1941 Studebaker US6 Cargo Truck Advertisement World War II

Fridge magnet pictures 1942 advertisement for Studebaker WWII cargo trucks
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For WWII, as part of the Lend-Lease program, Studebaker built nearly 200,000 US6 2-1/2 ton cargo trucks.  Most went to the Russian army and were nicknamed Studers.  The trucks were shipped by train from Studebaker's South Bend, Indiana plant to California, transferred to ships and carried across the Pacific and Indian oceans to Iran, then driven northwestward along the Persian Corridor to Russia on the eastern front.   Use of the Persian Corridor began in the fall of 1942.  In November, the month this advertisement appeared, the US shipped 25,800 trucks that helped Russia remain in the war.  Some historian estimate that the Persian Corridor supply train shortened the war on the eastern front by as much as a year.

There is a minty Studebaker WWII cargo truck on display at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend.

The illustration was rendered by Chicago artist, Frederic Tellander (1878-1968).

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