World War II Pacific Navy Submarine Advertisement Refrigerator Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures World War II advertisement for Navy submarines
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Electric Boat was proud to say that the submarines of World War I, called "pig boats," were a thing of the past.  The vessils built for the Navy in World War II were clean and air conditioned, with bunks for every man.  The text that accompanied this illustration (too small to be readable in a fridge magnet so I cropped it out) reported that U.S. Navy submarines were responsible for 40% of enemy ships sunk or destroyed.

Headquartered in New York city, the Electric Boat Company (then known as ELCO and since 1954 known as General Dynamics Electric Boat), had manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Connecticut.  Wiki tells me that GDEB has been building US submarines for a century.  It built 74 submarines and 400 PT boats during World War II.

This illustration pictures a handsome sailor beneath a billowing American flag, minding an instrument as another vessel passes nearby.

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