Catherine of Aragon Fridge Magnet English King Henry VIII 1st Wife

Fridge magnet pictures Catherine of Aragon
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This magnet pictures a young Queen Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536, for twenty four years years the wife of English King Henry VIII.  When she was unable to produce a male heir to the throne, and Henry discovered the young and pretty Anne Boleyn, Catherine began a 6 year battle of resisting Henry's determination to annul their marriage.  Before the pair's dispute was ended, all of Europe was impacted and the Protestant Reformation was given a jump start.

Catherine was the daughter of queen Isabella I of Castile and king Ferdinand II of Aragon.  Her marriage to prince Arthur Tudor, Henry Tudor's brother and heir apparent to the English throne, was arranged when Catherine was three years old.  Arthur died five months after their 1501 marriage and eight years later she married Arthur's brother, Henry, who was five years her junior, and they were crowned on June 24, 1509.

All but one of their six children lived fewer than two months.  The one surviving child, Mary, survived to adulthood and served briefly as queen of England.

Some reported that at Catherine's death on January 7, 1536, King Henry and Anne Boleyn celebrated.  Henry forbade her daughter, Mary, from attending Catherine's funeral.

Catherine was the first ever female ambassador during her youth and is credited with having made the education of women fashionable.  Her courage and religious commitment were acknowledged in her time and these many years later.

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