Catherine Parr Fridge Magnet Tudor Dynasty King Henry VIII Last Wife

Fridge magnet pictures Catherine Parr last wife of Henry VIII
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This magnet pictures Catherine Parr (c1511-1548), 6th and last wife of England's King Henry VIII.   Henry was her 3rd husband.  She attracted the King's attention while in his daughter Mary's household.  A budding relationship with Sir Thomas Seymour was set aside to accommodate the King's wishes and in her early thirties Catherine found herself Queen of England and Queen of Ireland.  In her new role Catherine served as regent while Henry was in a military campaign in France and helped reconcile Henry with his daughter Elizabeth.   After Henry's death the relationship with Seymour was rekindled; within 18 months they married and bore a daughter, Catherine's only child.  Days later Catherine died of childbed fever.  Queen Elizabeth I stayed with Catherine and Seymour as a young girl.  In popular literature Elizabeth and Seymour engaged in an affair during that time but there is nothing concrete to support or disprove this allegation.

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