Queen Elizabeth I Suiter Fridge Magnet Frog Francois Duke Anjou

Fridge magnet pictures the Duke of Anjou
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This magnet pictures a Nicholas Hilliard portrait of Hercule Francois (1555-1584), Duke of Anjou (duc d'Anjou) and Alencon, fondly nicknamed "Frog" by English queen Elizabeth I,

d'Anjou was the youngest son of French king Henry II and Catherine de Medici. He became heir to the French throne in 1576 and at age 26 began courting English queen Elizabeth I, who was 47. The seriousness of Elizabeth's intentions to marry d'Anjou are unknown and debated but her fondness for "Frog" is accepted.

He died in Paris of malaria after a series of unsuccessful military campaigns in Antwerp.

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