King Henry VII England Tudor Years Refrigerator Magnets

Fridge magnet pictures English King Henry VII
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Magnet pictures King Henry Tudor VII (1457-1509), first monarch of the Tudor dynasty and father to the more famous King Henry VIII.  Henry seized the throne from Richard III in battle in 1485.

To help the country recover from the bankruptcy brought on by prior rulers, Henry VII instituted strict tax measures, bolstered trade and concentrated on peacemaking. 

To improve trading, he strengthened England's navy, commissioning Europe's first dry dock at Portsmouth.  To strengthen England's relationship with Spain, he arranged a marriage between his heir, Arthur, and Catherine of Aragon, and upon Arthur's unexpected death persuaded Rome to permit his other son, Henry VIII, to marry Arthur's widow.  He married his daughter Margaret to Scottish King James IV (producing Mary, Queen of Scots), and formed an alliance with emperor Maximilian of the Holy Roman Empire.

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