Tudor Fridge Magnet Robert Dudley Elizabeth I Suitor

Fridge magnet pictures Robert Dudley, friend of English queen Elizabeth I
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Magnet pictures 3 portraits of Robert Dudley (1533-88), Earl of Leicester, friend of English Queen Elizabeth I for 30+ years.

Dudley was the youngest son of the 1st Duke of Northumberland, who was executed for trying to put Dudleys sister-in-law, Lady Jane Grey, on the English throne. When all parties suspected of involvement in the Lady Jane plot were thrown in the Tower of London, Robert was included. Which turned out to be a good thing, because while there he ran into a childhood friend, Elizabeth Tudor who before long became queen of England.

Elizabeth made Robert her Master of the Horse. I thought that meant he was in charge of her horses. Turns out it means he was the 3rd in line VIP, a member of her cabinet, a peer and privy councilor...and in charge of her horses.

Robert may have murdered his first wife, Amy Robsart and it was widely believed that he and the Queen were intimate companions. All that is known with certainty is that Elizabeth placed great valued their relationship.

In modern times Dudley has been portrayed in film by Jeremy Irons, Tom Hardy, Joseph Fiennes, Robert Hardy and Leslie Banks.

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