1947 Ampro Imperial 16mm Projector Advertisement Refrigerator Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures 1947 Ampro 16mm movie projector advertisement
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1947 advertisment for Ampro projectors, highlighting the 16mm Imperial and hitchhiking the Model 20 and slide projectors.  Ampro Corporation was founded in 1929 by Axel Arvid Monson (c1883-), a 1902 immigrant engineer from Karlskoga, Varmland, Sweden, who located in Chicago.  After two decades with McCormick farm equipment, Monson left to join Universal Stamping and Manufacturing Company where he became director and co-owner for a decade before starting Ampro.

The name Ampro represented the A in Axel, M in Monson and Pro in products.    The company produced film, projectors and tape recorders.  The company was acquired by General Precision Equipment (GPE) of New York in 1944.  Monson retired from the presidency three years later, and Arthur J. Palmer, a longtime GPE executive, became Ampro president while Monson remained as chairman of the board.  GPE, who also acquired Graflix camera company (1898-1973), was acquired in a hostile takeover by Singer in 1968.

In Chicago Ampro was located at 2851 N. Western Avenue.  A London manufaacturing facility, Simplex-Ampro Ltd., was established in 1947.  Axel's wife was named Annie Rydin Monson and they had two sons, Harry and Edgar.


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