1959 White Edsel 6 Passenger Fridge Magnet Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures white 1959 Edsel at antique shop
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Looks right!  Built right! Priced right!
Makes history by making sense.
Exciting new kind of car!  A full-size, six-passenger beauty.  Roomy without useless length.  Built to last.  Powered to save.  And priced with the most popular three!
Here's the kind of car you hoped would happen.  All the spacious luxury you could ask for -- yet much easier to park and drive.  Because Edsel's new styling sensibly called for less length this year!  And edsel engineering sensibly planned for all the power you can use -- but with real gas savings every mile!  Edsel's four new engines include an efficient, thrifty six and a new, economy V-8 that does you proud on regular fuel!  It all makes sense -- and so the new, low price.  For the 1959 Edsel is actually priced with the most popular three -- Ford, Plymouth and Chevrolet!


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