Bible Verse Magnet Genesis 3:5-6 Adam Eve Serpent Garden

Fridge magnet pictures Titian painting of Adam and Eve with Genesis Bible verses
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The oversized magnet (3" x 7.5") pairs a c.1567 painting by Venetian master, Tiziano Vecelli, best known as Titian (c1488-1576), named "Fall of Man," with Bible verse Genesis 3:5-6. 

For God doth know that in the
day ye eat thereof, then your eyes
shall be opened, and ye shall be as
gods, knowing good and evil.  And
when the woman saw that the tree
was good for food, and that it was
pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to
be desired to make one wise, she
took of the fruit thereof, and did
eat, and gave also unto her hus
band with her; and he did eat.

Titian's painting describes Genesis 30:9-19 and depicts the serpent with the head of Lucifer as a fallen cherub angel (Ezekiel 28:14), as did Rubens when he produced a nearly identical work sixty years later.  It is believed that Titian's interpretation was influenced by the 1509 Raphael depiction in a fresco mural on the third floor of the Papal apartments of the Vatican but in Raphael's interpretation the serpent was a Lilith-like woman, as was Michelangelo's in the Sistine chapel, c1510.  Some contemporary folks become exercized over the proper depiction of Satan, and/or angels, but Titian, Michelangelo, Ruben and Raphael were artists, not 21st century Biblical scholars.  It is interesting to note that over 500 years of popes have not seen the need to send an artist up to the ceiling to change Michaelangelo's painting.

Raphael interpretation of Biblical story of Temptation and fall of man in a Vatican fresco.

Raphael's serpent (above) was a woman, as was Michelangelo's in the Sistine chapel (below).

Michaelangelo's Sistine chapel painting of downfall of Adam and Eve


Titian's original is in the Prada museum in Madrid, Spain.

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