Packard World War II Ambulances Fridge Magnet Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures 1940s Packard ambulance in World War II
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This magnet features an illustration from 1940s Packard advertising picturing Packard ambulances in Great Britain after the Blitz during World War II.  Packard supplied a fleet of cars to the American Ambulance Corp in Great Britain just prior to the start of the Blitz.  For the next four years Packards rumbled through the rubble to collect the wounded.

 Packard had converted 100% of its capacity to war production in 1942, building airplane and PT boat engines in addition to ambulances.   By wars end Packard had produced over 55,000 combat engines.

Packard was founded in 1899 but in 1959 succumbed to competition and unfortunate management decisions.  Wikipedia offers an interesting, albeit sad, description of Packard's history.

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