1944 Vintage Parker Pen Quink Ink Advertisement World War II Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures 1944 WWII Quink ink advertisement
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a modified* 1944 advertisement for Parker's famous Quink ink for fountain pens.  In the ad, two female defense manufacturing plant workers during World War II are on a lunch break.  One is writing a letter to a handsome junior grade Navy lieutenant when her pen stops working.  Her co-worker responds with a told-ya-so reminder that she's been advised previously to switch to Quink ink.  The ad then goes on to explain how Solv-X (isopropyl alcohol) makes Quink the best ink choice for pens.

Quink ink is still in production and if you can't find it at a stationery store, you can find it at the beautifully designed Parker website (where you'll also find a nice company history). Parker is owned by Newell Rubbermaid today.  

I took a look at Newell Rubbermaid products and discovered that our household could do testimonials on products from five of their divisions.  Totally makes sense that Rubbermaid tubs, Sharpie and Parker pens and Dymo printers are congregated under the same corporate roof; all being amazingly reliable products with long histories of providing high ROI. 

* Ad components are rearranged and text edited slightly, while retaining original context and message, to improve legibility when advertisement is reduced to magnet size.  Otherwise, 10-pt text in the original ad would be reduced to 2-3 pt. text and require a magnifier to read it.

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