Old Fashioned Christmas Family Gathering Magnet Grandparents 1940s Rural America

Fridge magnet pictures an old fashioned American Christmas scene
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a happy family holiday setting with white-haired grandparents ready to welcome children and grandchildren for a Christmas dinner at the farm.

Yours truly's late grandmother could have posed for the woman pictured in this illustration, kneeling to baste the turkey, and the scene details are so rich I can almost smell the yams.  

On the enameled 4-burner stove is a graniteware sauce pan, a copper tea kettle and an aluminum pot that probably contains the taters.  Outside we see "the kids" arriving in their shiny new red car.   A red bowed Christmas wreath hangs in the window and a red crepe paper bell hangs from the ceiling.   Grandfather didn't think much of the bell but grandmother insisted, knowthing that little Jimmy would point to it and grin.  A whisk broom hangs from the side of a wall cabinet.  On another wall, hung above the wainscoting, is a calendar that will be taken down in less than a week.  Grandmother's apron fabric is covered with red roses but when she removes it after dinner we'll see she's wearing one of her best dresses.  Grandfather is outfitted for the holiday party, too, with a tie and garters to keep his cuffs clean when he carves the turkey.   An area rug decorates the floor in the parlor where we see a Christmas tree decorated with the same glass ornaments and garland they've been putting on the tree for nearly forty years.  Some of those ornaments traveled as precious cargo when great grandmother's parents imigrated to America in the 1880s.  That's her father in the portrait by the tree.  Through the front window, treated with ruffled white dotted Swiss tiebacks, we see a snow covered rural landscape, complete with a red barn.

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