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Fridge magnet pictures an advertisement for starch produced in Buffalo NY
Magnet features a Victorian boy and girl skating and pulling a sled full of Gilbert & Graves lau..
Fridge magnet pictures 1957 Mercury station wagon at fox hunt
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage 1957 Mercury station wagon at a fox hunt. See other magnet..
Fridge magnet pictures 1950 advertisment for Victor Vending Topper gumball machine
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1950 advertisement for the Victor Vending Corporation Topper gumball ..
Fridge magnet pictures cover of 1907 Dietzgen Surveying Equipment catalog
Refrigerator magnet pictures 1907 Dietzgen Surveying equipment catalog cover. In 1907 Eugene Dietzge..
Fridge magnet set of 4 picture illustrations from 1912 childrens cookbook
This set of four magnets illustrations and a recipe from a delightful 1912 cookbook, The Mary France..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage 1920s Wards Lemon Crush advertisement
This 2-1/2" x 5" magnet pictures a 1920s advertisement for Ward's Lemon Crush soft drink, pointing o..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Hamms beer
Refrigerator magnet picturing a 1950s advertisement for Hamm's Beer. ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage wood crate for Imperial coffee of Spokane Washington
Imperial coffee was produced in Spokane, Washington.  The Imperial Coffee and Tea Company was o..
Fridge magnet pictures early 1900s advertisement for Kalamazoo Silos
The Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Company was founded in 1867 as the Williams, Smith & Co., producin..
Fridge magnet pictures 1960s advertisement for Log Cabin syrup
Fridge magnet pictures a 1960s advertisement for Log Cabin syrup.  Log Cabin syrup has been aro..
Fridge magnet pictures Milton Spring Ginger Ale label
This magnet pictures a reproduction of an old soft drink label, Milton Spring Ginger Ale.  The ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage tin for Moonlight Bay oysters
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage Moonlight Bay Oyster tin. ..
Fridge magnet pictures 19th century advertising for corn mills and steam engines
This magnet pictures a 1881 lithographed pamphlet trade card advertising Moores portable corn mills,..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage soda pop advertising
Magnet features the side of an old grocery store with signs for Coca-cola, Royal Crown, Orange Crush..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage photo Overland Coaster wagons
Magnet pictures a promotional photo from the early 1900s illustrating size variety in Overland Coast..
Fridge magnet paint by number kits Ozzie and Harriet
Magnet pictures a fun 1953 advertisement for Picture Craft paint-by-number oil pain..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage 1950s Pepsi advertising Halloween beverate
Refrigerator magnet features a 1950s advertisement for Pepsi carbonated beverage, picturing a woman ..
Fridge magnet pictures 1937 Skippy Zephyr pedal car and trailer
Magnet pictures a 1937 photo of a Skippy pedal car and trailer.  No advertisement such as this ..
Fridge magnet pictures the smiling face of Pillsbury Dough Boy
Refrigerator magnet pictures smiling face of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. ..
Fridge magnet pictures an antique Eversharp pen advertising blotter
Refrigerator magnet pictures a trade advertising blotter for a jade green Wahl-Eversharp Tempoint fo..
Fridge magnet pictures little boy in yellow raincoat for Uneeda bisquits
Refrigerator magnet features vintage advertisement for Uneeda Biscuits picturing old fashioned illus..
Antique advertisement for baking extracts pictured on fridge magnet
Magnet  pictures an advertisement for Virginia Dare extracts featuring a rosy-cheeked little gi..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Star Line Cupola and Weathervane
Magnet pictures advertisement from the early 1900s promoting Star Line cupola ventilators and weathe..
Fridge magnet pictures an early Budweiser beer label
Refrigerator magnets pictures the Budweiser label as it looked in the early 1900s. ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Armours beef extract
Refrigerator magnet pictures late 1800s advertisement for Armours extract of beef.  Armour &..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Matchbox car advertising.
Refrigerator magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for Matchbox toy cars distributed by Fred Bronn..
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