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Fridge magnet pictures Fort Bliss in Texas a century ago
  This refrigerator magnet features an old BW postcard of Fort Bliss during the Mexican Revo..
Fridge magnet pictures 1930 Zeppelin airship fridge magnet
Magnet depicts a 1930 U.S. stamp commemorating the first Europe-Pan American round trip flight of th..
Fridge magnet pictures 1943 13th fighter squadron advertisement
This 4" x 5" jumbo size magnet pictures a World War II advertisement from Oldsmobile.  During W..
Fridge magnet pictures 1943 World War II advertisement for B-25 Mitchell bomber
  Refrigerator magnet pictures a World War II advertisement promoting the war contribution o..
Fridge magnet pictures 1943 bombardier wearing oxygen mask aboard bomber
  Refrigerator magnet pictures a World War II bombardier wearing an oxygen mask. ..
Fridge magnet pictures 1944 54th bomber squadron advertisement
During WWII, Oldsmobile built cannons for the air force and ground force tanks, as well as shells, a..
Fridge magnet features 1943 World War II advertisement  picturing B17 bomber Sad Sack
Refrigerator magnet pictures the Sad Sack B-17 bomber being escorted home after being damaged during..
Fridge magnet pictures aviation history magnet of an early DC-8 that wasn't built
Magnet pictures a 1946 concept illustration of the Douglas DC-8, a plane that never made it to proto..
Fridge magnet pictures aviator Amelia Earhart visiting Chicago Hyde Park High School in 1928
Refrigerator magnet pictures aviator Amelia Earhart in 1928, standing atop a piano while visiting Hy..
Fridge magnet pictures 1948 Stinson airplanes
Refrigerator magnet pictures illustrations from a vintage advertisement for 1948 Stinson personal pl..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Fairbanks soap
This magnet pictures an advertisement for Fairbanks Gold Dust cleaning compound from the early 1900s..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Pabst beer endorsed by Hap Arnold famous WWII general
Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1950 advertisement for Pabst beer, endorsed by Hap Arnold, World War ..
Fridge magnet pictures aviation history magnet with Henri Farman in biplane
Magnet pictures aviation pioneer Henri Farman in Etampes, France, September 21, 1913, at the control..
Fridge magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for 1957 movie Jet Pilot
Magnet pictures a vintage advertisement for the 1950s movie, Jet Pilot.  starring John Wayne an..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage cereal advertisement offering toy jet planes
Magnet pictures a 1950 advertisement from Kelloggs, promoting Raisin Bran cereal.  The ad appea..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage illustration China Clipper airplane boat
Magnet pictures an illustration of a China Clipper flying boat from the 1930s.  Navigator on t..
Fridge magnet pictures 1944 World War II advertisement for Martin Mars seaplane
Refrigerator magnet pictures an illustration from a World War II advertisement promoting Martin's JR..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage dirigible scenes
Magnets feature the airships of the early 1900s.  One magnet pictures the U.S. Navy airship..
Fridge magnet set of 2 picture 1960 advertisement for Thimble-Drome model airplanes
  Refrigerator magnet pictures 1960 advertisements for Thimble-Drome model airplanes Comanch..
Fridge magnet pictures Air Force Memorial in Arlington, VA
Magnet pictures a twilight and daytime view of the dramatic United States Air Force Memorial in Arli..
Fridge magnet pictures 1940s United Airlines advertisement
Refrigerator magnet features a vintage United Air Lines promotional poster from the mid 1940s. ..
Refrigerator magnets picture vintage advertisement for Coopers Sheep Dip.
Vtg Australia Coopers Sheep Dip Dirigible Advert. Pictured on LG New Magnet ..
Fridge magnets picture 1930 Zeppelin airship stamps
These magnets depict three 1930 U.S. stamps that commemorated the Graf Zeppelin airship that complet..
Fridge magnet pictures World War II B-25 bombers ground attack
Three North American B-25 Mitchell bombers equipped with 75mm nose cannons built by Oldsmobile engag..
Fridge magnet pictures WWII boy dreaming of becoming an aviator
Fridge magnet pictures a WWII era boy with a model plane and his dog, watching B17's fly overhe..
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