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Fridge magnets pictures Abingdon Pottery witch cookie jar
Magnet pictures Abingdon Pottery witch cookie jar Humpty. Abingdon was founded in 1908 to make ba..
Fridge magnets picture 3 Abingdon Pottery cookie jars
This trio of refrigerator magnets picture three popular Abingdon Pottery cookie jars: Humpty Dumpty,..
Fridge magnets picture vintage Rogers silverware advertisements
This set of two magnets picture child's silverware advertisements from 1889.  The magnet pictur..
Fridge magnet pictures Santa Anita dinnerware bird of Paradise pattern
This pair of magnet pictures vintage Santa Anita dinnerware Bird of Paradise pattern. ..
Fridge magnet pictures Danube china pattern magnet
This refrigerator magnet features the Blue Danube / Blue Onion china pattern. Please note that this..
Fridge magnet pictures blue Danube blue Onion magnet dinnerware pair
This pair of refrigerator magnets picture the Blue Danube dinnerware pattern. ..
Fridge magnet pictures blue and white Chinese lotus pattern
This refrigerator magnet features a traditional blue and white Chinese lotus china pattern. Please ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Boontonware Melmac dinnerware
Magnet pictures a 1958 advertisement for Bootonware Melmac dinnerware.  Boontonware was located..
Fridge magnet features tribute to Clarice Cliff pottery
Refrigerator magnet features tribute to the pottery creations of Clarice Cliff (1899-1972).  ..
Fridge magnet pictures French Faience pottery flower basket design
Magnet depicts mid century Faience pottery from northern France, a colorful basket of flowers in ora..
Fridge magnet pictures the familiar Watt Pottery apple and leaf pattern
Magnet pictures the delightful apple graphic from Watt Pottery.  Watt Pottery was founded in Cr..
Fridge magnet pictures the familiar Watt Pottery apple and leaf pattern
Magnets picture the delightful apple graphic from Watt Pottery. Watt Pottery was founded in Croo..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Christmas angel plate
Refrigerator magnet pictures vintage 1971 Hummel Christmas plate. ..
Fridge magnet pictures montage of McCoy Pottery glazes.
Refrigerator magnet pictures a montage of glazes and textures from McCoy Pottery planters and vases...
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Poppy Trail Contempora dinnerware pattern
This trio of magnets is a tribute to the Metlox china pattern known as Poppy Trail Contempora. Metlo..
Refrigerator magnets picture the Metlox China rooster.
Group of three fridge magnets picture Metlox Poppy Trail Rooster china pattern from 1950s ..
Fridge magnet paint by number kits Ozzie and Harriet
Magnet pictures a fun 1953 advertisement for Picture Craft paint-by-number oil pain..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertising tray for Pilsner beer
This large-size refrigerator magnet pictures a Victorian era Pilsner beer serving tray featuring s..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Ransburg metal kitchen accessories
Magnet pictures an advertisement from the 1950s for Ransburg enamel tole painted kitchen and bath me..
Fridge magnet pictures rare fruit jar
Magnet depicts a dramatic photo of an 1858 Mason canning jar. ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage Revere Ware cookware advertisement
Pair of magnets picture 1950s Christmas advertisement for America's best loved pots and pans: Revere..
Fridge magnet pictures cover 1918 Mirro cookware recipe booklet
Magnet features the bright orange cover of a Mirro Test Kitchen Cookware Food Surprises cookbook fro..
Fridge magnetspicture a pink rose similar to an old Lenox china pattern, 356S
Choose a blue or green bordered magnet.  Pink rose in center is similar to Lenox china pattern ..
Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Tide dishwashing soap
Magnet pictures a 1950s advertisement for Tide dish washing detergent.  Prior to seeing this ad..
Fridge magnets pictures blue opalescent Bacchantes vase
Fridge Magnets classic blue opalescent Bacchantes vase, introduced in 1927 at the Paris Exposition. ..
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