Jack the Giant Killer Magnet Vintage Fairy Tale lllustration

Fridge magnet pictures vintage illustration for Jack the Giant Killer
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This magnet pictures an illustration by Warwick Goble from the early 1900s. It appeared in The Fairy Book by Dinah Maria Craik  accompanying a British tale, Jack the Giant Killer.

The illustration pictures Jack with an evil magician who has enchanted a beautiful maiden.  Using a magic sword, Jack slays the magician, freeing the maiden from enchantment.  She marries King Arthur's son and Jack is made a Knight of the Round Table as a reward for his many heroic deeds.

Dinah Craik (1826-1887) was an English poet and novelist, also known by her maiden name as Miss Mulock.

English artist Warwick Goble (1862–1943) illustrated dozens of children's books and magazines, including fairy tale anthologies and such classics as Treasure Island and Kidnapped.

Dinah Craik
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