Carling Black Label Beer Fridge Magnet 1960s Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Carling Black Label beer
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Magnet pictures a 1960s advertisement for Carling Black Label Beer.  With car sales in a Depression era slump, and prohibition newly repealed, Peerless Motor Car Company diversified by going into the beer business.  It bought rights to Carling's formulas and hired Carling brewmasters to convert a Cleveland car plant to a brewery.  They named their new division Brewing Corporation of America.  
The product was positioned as a high quality lager at a locally brewed price.  The sell copy in the advertisement featured on this magnet picks up on that theme, citing multiple brewing plants as producing shipping savings that were passed along to consumers.
Today the Black Label brand is owned by Molson Coors, the world's 7th largest beer brewer.


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