Catholic Pope Leo X Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures Catholic Pope Leo X
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This magnet pictures Raphael's painting of Pope Leo X (1475-1521) around 1513.  Born Giovanni de'Medici, Leo was the last Pope not ordained as a priest prior to becoming Pope. 

The new Pope Leo was faced with an attempted take over of Milan by Louis XII of France.  When more peaceful methods failed, Leo joined with Maximilian I of Italy, Ferdinand I of Spain and Henry VIII of England for a successful, although brief, resolution.  When France's new young king, Francis I, continued Louis XII's program of aggression, Leo appeared to again ally himself with Spain and England, including appointing Thomas Wolsey a Cardinal, while secretly arranging a treaty with France.  Soon thereafter Leo reneged on his relationship with France and once again joined with England and Spain against France.

In addition to a busy military schedule, Leo indulged in a generous and luxurious lifestyle that was fiscally ruinous for the church.  After blowing through the stash accumulated by his predecessor, Julius II, and borrowing heavily, Leo took to selling offices and blessings, pawned furniture and statuary, even sold Cardinals hats!

History also remembers Leo for advancing education, continuing building St. Peter's Basilica and his unintended contribution to the Protestant Reformation.  Some of his fund raising methods, such as trading indulgences (church pardons and salvation guarantees) for alms, drew Martin Luther's condemnation and prompted him to pen Ninety-Five Theses, on grounds that only God may grant absolution or salvation.

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