Fridge Magnet Pictures 1948 Advertisement for Stinson Personal Airplanes

Fridge magnet pictures 1948 Stinson airplanes
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Refrigerator magnet pictures illustrations from a vintage advertisement for 1948 Stinson personal plane models Voyagers* (known in World War II as the L-5 Sentinel) and Flying Station Wagon.  Emphasized was the four-person capacity, economy and interiors by noted product designer, Henry Dreyfus.  
Specific features highlighted: quick take-offs, short slow landings, 130 mph c ruising, 554-mile stopping range at 5,000 feet, gas and oil efficiency of less than four cents per mile, 640 cargo capacity plus the weight of one person, a side-loading baggage compartment, 28% greater range, 14% more useful load, optional floats or skis, removable rear seats, spin resistance and a short and learning curve for beginners.

Eventually moved to Wayne, Michigan, Stinson was originally founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1920 by Eddie Stinson (1893-1932), brother of Katherine Stinson, also an early aviator.  In addition to a succesful career as a stunt pilot, Eddie trained pilots for WWI and worked as a test pilot for the Stout ST-1 bomber.  After his death in an airplane accident the company was acquired by Cord, then AVCO, Consolidated Vultee and Piper Aircraft.  The popular Piper Apache model was a modified version of the Twin Stinson.

*Actor Jimmy Stewart and Howard Hughes owned Voyagers.


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