Hap Arnold World War II Aviation Star Pabst Beer Fridge Magnet Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures vintage advertisement for Pabst beer endorsed by Hap Arnold famous WWII general
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Refrigerator magnet pictures a 1950 advertisement for Pabst beer, endorsed by Hap Arnold, World War II aviation general. Henry A. Arnold (1886-1950) died in January, a month before this advertisemnet appeared in print.  He is pictured with his wife, Bee.  The photo was probably taken at the Arnold home in Sonoma, California during the last year of his life.

West Point graduate, five-star general of both the army and the Air force, taught to fly by the Wright Brothers and a protege of General Billy Mitchell, father of three, survivor of four heart attacks, co-author of three books, co-founder of the Rand Corporation and Pan American Airways.  If a novelist submitted a manuscript including a character with the achievements of Hap Arnold,it would be rejected as as unbelievable.

Pabst Brewing was founded in 1844 and today is the flagship brand for a holding company of over twenty four brands of beer, including many that shared the limelight in 1950 when this advertisement was published, including Schlitz and Stroh.  Other well recognized brands in the Pabst stable: Ballantine, Heileman, Olympia and Schaefer. 


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