Red 1955 Buick Roadster Fridge Magnet Vintage Advertisement

Fridge magnet pictures 1955 Buick Roadster advertisement
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Magnet pictures a 1955 advertisement for a juicy red convertible Buick Roadster.  The sell copy reads like something that might have been crafted by Peggy Olson of Mad Men, and would have taken a smooth talker like Don Draper to sell:
It is in the nature of things that when a man moves up in the world, he reflects his success in many directions.
It shows in the size and site of his home, the circles he frequents, the tailoring of his clothes.
And, most definitely, it shows in the car he drives.
So we suggest a look, if you will, at ROADMASTER as it is custom built by Buick in 1955
It is, you will find, an automobile of almost opulent luxury tempered by meticulous good taste.
Its size and bearing and gold-like markings – the very suavity of its fleet-lined grace – tell all the world that here is a thing of custom stature.
And it is, as you will soon discover, a car crafted for comfort – with supremely soft seat cushions, with all-coil-springing to its masterful ride, with rich visibility in all directions, with exquisite handling ease that’s blessed with the magic of Safety Power Steering.
But you will find that this, above all , is a motorcar of supreme and satisfying command – of instant response – of swift and silent obedience.
For what else would do for this greatest of Buicks but the soaring might of a 236-hp V8 engine – coupled to the absolute smoothness and electrifying safety-surge of Variable Pitch Dynaflow?
Surely, you owe it to yourself to try this top-level motoring experience – and your buick dealer will gladly do the honors. See him this week.

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