Astronomer Alvan Clark Refrigerator Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures tribute to astronomer Alvan Clark
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Magnet features montage of telescopes & refractors designed by Alvin Clark.

Alvan Clark (1804-1887) was an American astronomer and telescope maker who at the age of 40 gave up portrait painting to make telescopes, registering his first patent November 11, 1851.

His specialty was very large lenses, including several of the world's largest.

In addition to telescope installations around the world, Clark is remembered for his 1862 discovery of a dwarf companion to Sirius. Craters on Mars and the moon were named after Clark.

Shown on this magnet are Clark instruments that today reside at the Lick Observatory at the University of California, the Yekes Observatory at the University of Chicago in Wisconsin, and at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California.

Clark was a competitor of John Brashear.

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