ENT Otolaryngologists Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnet pictures vintage illustration for otolaryngologists
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Magnet pictures illustration for a fantasy ENT specialist by Victorian artist, Charles Henry Bennett (1829-1867).  The illustration originally accompanied an 1877 fairy tale by author and literature professor, Henry Morley: "Adventures in Skitzland." 

The story is about a gardener who so loved digging that for nine months he dug a hole until he found himself beneath planet earth, in Skitzland. The bodies of Skitzland citizens are transformed on their twenty-first birthdays to eliminate all under-used or neglected body parts. Those parts that remain, which might be very few, can be detached and dispatched as the owner sees fit.  Limbs fly freely from one place to another and anyone who injures an in-transit body part is summarily executed.  The gardener inadvertently destroys an eye ball (which has been shipped by carriage to protect it from hungry birds), thus is labeled a murderer.  You will have to read the tale to find out how it ends.

The story does not mention the esteemed Dr. Robert P. Hand.  Probably an oversight.

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