Cornelis Bol Mercury Vapor Lamp Magnet Vintage Advertising

Fridge magnet features advertisement for mercury vapor lamp
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This magnet pictures an old cigarette promotional card from the 1930s that highlighted the new mercury-neon high intensity vapor lamp developed by Dr. Cornelis Bol in 1935.  A native of Holland, Bol became a professor of physics at Stamford.  Today his former home in Palo Alto, California is a park with a pair of donkeys.

For 20 years Bol's discovery was known as the "Bol lamp." It was first manufactured by General Electric for use in movie projectors, searchlights and in various graphic arts applications.

Bol worked on the bulb for 3 years. It was reported that a bulb the size of a matchstick could clearly illuminate a man 500 feet away.

Light from the Bol lamp was described as less blue than light from other mercury lamps.

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