Magnet Pictures 1899 Eakins Painting Boxing Ring

Fridge magnet features an Eakin painting of a boxing ring scene
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Refrigerator magnet pictures an 1899 Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) painting of a boxing ring scene. Eakins was a Philadelphia-based American artist classified as a realist.  Dropping him into that category is handy but he almost deserves a category of his own.  There are realistic painters and then there is Eakins.  As an art student over forty years ago I observed there were many students who could duplicate a photograph, the best of them able to manipulate the image to emphasize or suppress elements.  Later, in several decades working with experienced, skilled commercial artists, I was privileged to work with illustrators who could add details and context that the camera hadn't captured, making a single illustration tell a story.  Eakins genius took it a step beyond that.  He was masterful at depicting not just the visual but suggesting too the sounds, smells and emotions of the scene. 


American artist Thomas Eakins

Eakins also worked in photography, including cinematography, sculpting and as an teacher of hundreds of students.  More appreciated in death than in life, some of Eakins best known works have brought over $50 million in contemporary times.

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