Roller Skating History Magnet Tasker Skates of Brooklyln

Fridge magnet pictures antique advertisement for Tasker roller skates
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This large-sized magnet pictures an 1884 advertisement for Tasker roller skates manufactured by the H & F.H. Tasker company of Brooklyn, New York.  The company was located at 991 Fulton Street near St. James Place. 

Tasker was likely taking advantage of a a roller skating boom that began in 1880 following improvements in wheel engineering a few years earlier.

In addition to skates, Tasker manufactured and retailed a full line of shoes. The company was founded in 1858 by Henry Tasker. His son, Frederick H. Tasker joined the firm in 1881.

Other products included parasols, luggage and raincoats.

Henry Tasker immigrated to America from England around 1820.  In retirement he took on boarders and operated a dairy farm on Long Island. He died of a stroke a decade after this ad appeared but Tasker descendents remain to carry on the name.

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